Own A Restaurant? Two Reasons Why You Should Keep Dry Ice On Hand

Own A Restaurant? Two Reasons Why You Should Keep Dry Ice On Hand

Every restaurant owner knows how important it is to keep tabs on their inventory on a regular basis. Without doing so, there is a chance that they will run out of essential food supplies and key cooking ingredients when needed most, resulting in costly losses. It’s important that every serious restaurant owner or manager purchases all the kitchen tools needed to prepare and serve all the foods and drinks that the restaurant has to offer.   

And as a matter of fact, customers will quit coming to your restaurant if you don’t have the right tools and ingredients for optimal customer experience. But there is one item that you probably haven’t given too much thought about, yet it is of paramount importance. That item is dry ice.

Do you have a plan for your crushed ice delivery? If you haven’t, please read on to understand two key reasons why you need to stock your restaurant with dry ice today.  

Quick Fix during an Emergency  

Do you want a quick fix in an emergency? Well, bagged ice got you covered. It is the perfect backup whenever power outage threatens to paralyze business at your restaurant. Imagine a case where business is booming, the restaurant is packed to capacity with happy clients, profits are flowing in, and then without warning, your freezer conks out or there is a blackout!  

How will you keep all the perishables in the freezer in good condition? How will you keep serving cold beverages to the customers who keep flocking in?  Dry ice is the solution to all that. It will quickly convert regular water to snow, reliably preserve the perishables in the freezer, and keep the beverages cold to each customer’s taste. This will keep your restaurant afloat and optimize profits until power resumes.   

Cleanup Can Never Get Easier
Unlike regular ice that is made of frozen regular water, dry ice is made of frozen carbon dioxide which sublimates away when unfrozen. That makes cleaning up after dry ice easy-peasy. Regular ice, on the other hand, melts back to water at room temperature, making a runny mess all over the place. That makes it extra hard to clean up after the mess, not mentioning how dangerous it is for you, your staff, or your customers to trip and fall in it.  

Don’t wait until there is an emergency to order dry ice for your restaurant in NYC. Call us today to enjoy our ice delivery services that are defined by honest pricing, quick delivery, and fast customer service. We’re a family-owned ice company with proven integrity and a strong reputation. The cornerstone of our business is and always will be your satisfaction.

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