A Small Business Guide to Shipping Perishable Food

A Small Business Guide to Shipping Perishable Food

Are you a small food producer or restaurant owner looking for a reliable way of shipping perishable foods? Or maybe you sell frozen or refrigerated food online. Whichever the case, you know that keeping your products frozen until they get to the destination can be a daunting task.   

Here’s a few tips to help you ship your perishable products stress-free using dry ice.

Keep it Cold Using Dry Ice: The Legal Requirements  

When shipping foods by air, you are required by law to adhere to all the set requirements for shipping hazardous material. That means, for example, extra considerations when labeling your package; you will be required to label the packaging box to clearly show that it contains Dry Ice. 

Important tips:  The size of your packaging box determines how much you’ll pay as the shipping fee. This means that if you can manage to keep the box’s outer dimensions as minimal as possible, then you will lower your shipping cost significantly.  

What is the slowest possible shipping speed that will ensure a safe arrival for your product? Go for that. Overnight shipments are charged higher than, say, 48-hour shipping.   

It’s wise to take your time to research and identify the shipping provider with the best service for your unique business and product needs. That saves you money and allot of headaches in the long run.  

How much Dry Ice Will You Need? 

The amount of dry ice that you will need to ship your perishable items depends  on these 4 factors:  
– The approximate weight of the perishable foods
– The duration of time that you need to keep your product frozen
– The initial temperature of your product at the time of packaging
– The season and geographic destination as well.

Shipping perishable foods during summer will require more dry ice than during winter. You may need up to 6lbs of dry ice to keep 20lbs of food frozen for six hours. If you wish to preserve that same amount of food for another 6 hours, you may need up to 10lbs of dry ice. If you wish to preserve it for a whole day, then prepare an extra 8-15lbs of dry ice.  

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