There are new sensational baby shower trends that every to-be parent or party enthusiast needs to know about. One of these trends is the introduction of ice sculptures into baby shower parties. Who would have thought that celebrating a new life into the world could get this cool?

Sculpture designs that are great for the occasion include teddy bears, cribs, storks, or babies’ names being engraved directly into ice luges NYC for a unique personal touch.

Here are 4 more ideas of using ice to add an elegant and unique touch to your baby shower.

Boy or Girl Ice Sculpture

This décor idea is great for either your gender reveal party or baby shower. With a small budget, you can get an elegantly illuminated ice sculpture with the words “Girl” or “Boy” engraved on it. The illumination is provided by an LED light that is connected to a button. You can spice things up by coloring the light in blue if you are expecting a boy or pink if you are expecting a girl. When it’s time to reveal the gender, tell your guests to close their eyes, you press the button, and when they open their eyes, the sculpture will be illuminating your selected color. If you are expecting twins, get two ice luges NYC.

Ice Sculpture with Name Initials

Inscribe your new baby’s initials in an aesthetic font on a beautiful ice sculpture of your choosing. That is a big ‘wow-factor’ that will excite and amaze your guests. If you want to take your class a notch higher, you can display the name or initials on a monogram made in ice. A monogram is great because it gives you the much-needed flexibility in regards to designs, shapes, decorations, and message customization.

Stork Ice Sculpture

Storks feature prominently in different mythologies of where babies come from. Before modern civilization, it was a taboo for parents to talk about how babies are born into the world. In that case, instead of telling their kids how babies were actually made, they could use the analogy of storks bringing babies in a bag. In modern day, mythologists view storks as a symbol of fertility and procreation.

Whether you believe in myths or not, you will love the beauty of an ice sculpture designed in the shape of this mythical bird. It could be a stork holding baby shoes, carrying a baby, or holding the first letter of your new baby’s name.

Ice Pacifier

This is the simplest of all ice sculptures for baby showers, yet it still is an unimaginable baby shower centerpiece. Your guests will love taking vodka shots from the tip of the ice pacifier.

Looking for an innovative product for your or your friend’s baby shower? Let us provide you with elegant ice luges NYC for a unique touch at an affordable price. Come with your dreams and our ice artists will actualize them out of ice.