How To Ice-Break Your Next Christmas Party with Ice Luge Sculptures

How To Ice-Break Your Next Christmas Party with Ice Luge Sculptures

Are you planning a Christmas party either at the office or at home? Or do you have a corporate event during the Christmas season and would like to inject some Christmas mood into the party? Whichever the case, if you want to make this year’s Christmas themed entertainment memorable and exceptional, then what you need is a Christmas ice luges in NYC. Indeed, Christmas is one of the best seasons for not only the Christian faithful but also everyone who loves the festivities- love, fun, and glamour that comes with the season.

What are Christmas Luges?

Christmas ice luges are carved out of large ice sculptures. These sculptures can be of any shape, size, and design depending on the class and sophistication of your Christmas party. You can, for example, order a sculpture on a drip tray that is extraordinarily lit, making it visible and gorgeous to look at.

Why a Christmas Ice Luge?

A Christmas ice sculpture will offer you great photo opportunities due to its grand appearance. All your guests will want to go up to see it at close range and enjoy the ambient environment it precipitates. However, the main highlight of having a Christmas ice luge at your party is taking shots of vodka or any other drink from the luge. Your guests will enjoy pouring drinks down the luge and catching cold shots at the bottom either by glass or mouth. It is simply amazing!

If you fancy a unique Christmas party, Ice Luges in NYC will give you nothing short of that. They are drilled bespoke for you so that you can add that unique frozen fun factor that every party goer dreams of. The good thing is that these luges are customized at competitive prices, so you can be sure that there will always be an option for you regardless of the size of your budget. And because the luge will be the center piece for your party, you will always get unbeatable value for your money.

We are a 40-year old company that specializes in Ice Luges in NYC. We provide NYC residents with our Christmas ice sculptures and Christmas ice luges at affordable prices. You can choose a custom-design for your luge or simply choose one design from our huge selection of designs. We are confident that we have something for everyone. And if you need contemporary Christmas party ideas for your next party, we are happy to help.