The 3 Common Types of Ice Luges

The 3 Common Types of Ice Luges

Are you ready to get your party started?  Well, what about you get your guests into partying mood by ordering an ice luge? Luges help party enthusiasts to make every event original, fun, and special.

With that being said, which ice luge options do you have? Basically, there are 3 types of luges to choose from:

  1. A path carved through an ice sculpture

In this type, the luge is expertly carved from the top of an ice sculpture and snakes down to the bottom. Sculpting experts disguise the channel in the sculpture’s overall design so that it is not too visible.

Whereas the setup is beautiful for the eye, however, carving a channel in a sculpture can make it really fragile. You need to be extra careful with how you handle and position the setup throughout your party otherwise it will crack or refreeze along the carved channel.

When using it indoors, ensure that its temperature is well under control and the air-conditioning unit is either off or far away. On the other hand, ensure that your sculpture is shielded from direct sun and wind in case you are hosting a garden party.

In this case, a separate block of ice is delivered alongside the ice sculpture: It is on this separate block that the luge channel is carved. The idea here is to have fun without risking the beauty and design of the main sculpture. The choice of how to position the separate block is yours, although it is common practice to place it behind the sculpture, preferably in a horizontal position.

  • Tube luges

Instead of carving a channel, a tube is stuck into an ice sculpture in a way that it leaves a funnel-shaped entry point at the top and a small exit point at the bottom. This is a good option when you are using a small sculpture, but it doesn’t look aesthetically good when used in a large sculpture.

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