How To Prevent Your Ice Luge From Melting In the Middle Of A Party

How To Prevent Your Ice Luge From Melting In the Middle Of A Party

For anyone who loves to let their hair down, drinking from a luge on a warm Friday afternoon or when on vacation would be an appealing idea. Every drop of your favorite drink that flows from an ice luge will form the basis of every party discussion that your guests will have from now on. So, are you ready to amaze your friends or guests with an ice cold drink poured through an ice luge?

But wait; there could be a problem… what if your ice melts in the middle of the party, without having accomplished its intended purpose? That would be embarrassing, right? You’ll be happy to know that we have a solution for that.

Tips of Preventing Your Ice Luge from Melting Fast

Ice luges are made of, well, ice. Ice is always bound to melt at some point. On average, a luge will keep its shape for about 4 to 6 hours before starting to melt gradually. This average can be less or more depending on how well you handle your luge. Follow the following 4 tips to ensure that your luge lasts for the longest time possible:

  1. Place the ice in a drain tray

When ice is placed on a table- whether wooden, glass, or metallic- there is a high chance that it will slip off, fall, and probably get damaged.  The last thing you want is for the ice to melt on the floor- water running everywhere!

The best place to keep your ice luge is in a drain tray. This special tray is well shaped so that the luge sits in perfectly, plus it effectively catches water in case of any melting. Also, it comes with a tube wide and long enough to empty the water into a bucket or whichever water container you opt for.

  • Don’t unwrap your luge too early

Ice should be unwrapped not more than 20 minutes before you need it. The earlier you expose it to room temperature, the earlier it will start melting.

  • Mind the temperature of the room

Your luge will melt faster if you place it close to the central heating system, near a window/door, or in a poorly ventilated room. Always keep it in a cool room or next to a cooling unit.

  • Pile ice at the base of the sculpture/Luge

Placing several bags of ice at the base of the luge will help maintain its temperature at the lowest.

Do you need a professionally-made ice luge for your party? Well, you can trust us to give you exactly that. Over our 40+ years of existence, we have created thousands of custom ice luges for thousands of private and corporate events in and around NYC. Please get in touch and we will readily bring your party vision to life.

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