Ice Luges

If you need a stunning centerpiece for your big night or day of fun- be it a stylish Bar Mitzvah, a corporate event, or a luxurious wedding, ice luges have got you covered. They are highly versatile and can be created to fit any unique purpose depending on your...

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How To Make An Ice Sculpture

If you want to amaze your customers with top-notch ice, then you may need to perfect the art of ice sculptures as perfected by the American-Japanese ice studio operator, Shintaro Okamoto. The main advantage of using sculptured ice is that its surface area is significantly...

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Steps for Making a Party Ice Luge

A party ice luge is the easiest and fastest way to add fun and excitement to your party, all while letting your visitors enjoy an ice cold shot that brings an adventure-like feeling. Although ice luge kits whose cost range from $20 to...

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