Ice Décor: Centerpieces, Sculptures, and Ice Bars for Your Special Event!

Ice Décor: Centerpieces, Sculptures, and Ice Bars for Your Special Event!

An ice carving can be the decorative art piece that will make your event legendary. Ice sculptures NYC, for example, create classy photo opportunities for your guests and help you inject your personality into your party, be it a wedding, birthday party, corporate event, etc. Here are 3 ways to use ice to elevate your special event:

Ice Centerpieces

These are unique table decorations for your event. You can make the table more ambient by freezing flowers and candles right at the center of the ice centerpiece, or you could just enjoy the synthetic beauty of a stand-alone ice décor. The good thing about these centerpieces is that they are small and portable (typically 12-14 inches in height), unlike most décor items that can’t be moved during the event.

Ice centerpieces can also last for more than 12 hours, meaning that guests will enjoy their beautiful sight throughout the duration of your event. These stunning centerpieces can suit any décor- You just need to specify your décor taste and the centerpieces will be customized by an ice artist.

You can also use ice centerpieces to display your invitation’s monogram or, if your guests are many, to label tables. Take the décor a notch higher by lighting the centerpieces with colored LED lights.

Ice Sculptures

Dress up your buffet table with an ice sculptures NYC to create a central focus on the main table. You can even use a sculpture to display food, a good example being ice tray sculptures. If you are feeling extra, you can get a customized spiral tower ice sculpture as your food display table, with several bowls for seafood, sorbet appetizer dishes, or elevated plate holders for other foods. For beverage display, dress up your buffet with beer mugs, a champagne fountain, shot glasses, or a wine bottle chiller- Just to boost your décor and keep beverages chilled.

Ice Bars

You can dress up your ice bar with an acrylic table top, and then add bottle holders or an ice luge on top. Make the work table stable and stylish by supporting it with ice pillars. If you want to inject your personality into the ice bars, carve out decorative names and dates on the front of the bar. Wrap things up by lighting the bar in the color of your choice!

Are you intrigued by these ice décor ideas? We’d love to offer our ice solutions at your next event. Our timely deliveries, competitive prices, and high quality products will make all your party dreams realizable. Contact us today for all your ice sculptures and other ice needs.