3 Cool Winter Themes to Weave Into Your Party

3 Cool Winter Themes to Weave Into Your Party

Winter wonderland is a popular theme for parties, whether house or office parties. It doesn’t have to be a holiday season for you to put this theme to good use. You can, for example, use a snowball or an ice luge NYC to elevate your wedding or corporate event. You probably have seen the winter wonderland theme a million times, but you can always make it special by being a little more creative. Here are three ideas to elevate this classic theme in your next event:

1.Frosty Floral

Transform your private party into winter wonderland with crisp white dance floor and epic lighting. This combination echoes a sheet of ice to bring out the winter feeling even when the season is long gone. Enhance the theme by installing trees with frosty twigs and frosted branches to create a winter floral effect. Throw in ice centerpieces and you will have an enviable, classic wintery ambiance. If there will be kids at the party, excite their holiday hopes and dreams by sharing a Christmas story or watching a Christmas movie classic

2. Ice luge

An ice luge NYC brings in the much-needed interactive element to any party. It is almost impractical in this age not to have an ice luge in an event. Instead of boring your guests with the traditional generic open bar experience, order an ice sculpture that boosts the event aesthetic and simultaneously acts as an ice luge from where your guests take frosty shots of their favorite beverages.

Modern luges come with a system of channels that give your open bar a functional classic look. Ice centerpieces provide unbeatable photographic background; your guests’ photos will go viral on social media; no one will ever forget your party. Take that excitement a notch higher by serving guests winter comfort foods and organizing fun winter activities for kids. Simply use your party to rekindle your and your friends’ childhood winter memories.

3. Living snow globe

What is more awesome than being welcomed to the dance floor at a party by this classic winter icon? You will bring your party to life by dimming the lights, playing winter holiday music, and rolling a snow globe onto the dance floor when no one is expecting. The globe should have a snow-like casing. You can make the snow globe “alive” by having an acrobat perform inside the casing, particularly the stunt where they try to hand-balance as the globe rolls. The avalanche of photos that will follow will be enough statement that your guests have surely been impressed.

Have you been inspired by any of these cool winter themes? We’d love to help you bring it to your next event! We pride ourselves in creating the best ice luge NYC and other top quality ice products. Call us today and you will love our competitive prices.