Planning a unique, unforgettable wedding is a tall order for many lovebirds. Everything needs to be perfects and every little detail matters. You need to inject romance in every detail, from the quality of jewelry, the make of chair ribbons, the color of the flowers, to the overall décor. Although all this work will go a long way in making your wedding day magical, there is an easier way of achieving your dream wedding without breaking the bank or having to hassle too much. That is having an ice sculpture wedding décor. A customized ice luge NYC would be a perfect focal point for your special day.

Ice sculptures are hassle-free, functional, classy, fun, strikingly beautiful, and bold. The most popular wedding ice sculptures are twin swans, hearts, and doves. Without downplaying the elegance of these sculptures, however, there are more personal and unique ice designs that you could go for. After all, design possibilities are endless when it comes to ice sculptures. Here are 3 stunning alternatives to flower décor at your wedding:

Ice Centerpieces

Floral bouquets are ambitious, but they cannot convey style and elegance as profoundly as ice centerpieces do. Instead of placing a series of blossoms on the banquet table, it will be classier if you install professionally-carved ice waves that cascades down the entire length of the table.

If you have many guests, a series of round tables that are beautifully adorned by centrally-positioned ice bowls will be a master class. At the venue’s entrance, you can place a frozen picture of the happy couple inside an ice sculpture. Try to be creative with the shape. If you want a classy, three-dimensional focal point at the bride’s table, create a magical “fire and ice” sculpture by freezing a burning candle inside a sculpture of your choice.

Animal Sculptures

All animal sculptures don’t have to be twin swans. Ice artists can carve out any animal from ice. Your guests will love the aesthetic appeal of a polar bear sculpture, for example, but they will have even more fun drinking their favorite drinks from its tail. Because you can have an Ice luge NYC in virtually any design imaginable, purpose to be creative with the animal sculptures you choose for your wedding. You can even choose to add a gothic touch to your wedding by ordering a skull luge. If you want to give your wedding a Middle East theme, a camel luge would be great.

Acrylic Art

Ice sculptures can be made in the shape of graceful ribbons, crystal shards, or even diamonds. You can choose to create a unique ice globe focal point, or even serve drinks in martini glasses carved from ice. These transparent acrylic sculptures are not only modern but they also unbelievably beautiful. Add some style by decorating the sculptures with colored LED light.

Isn’t ice décor absolutely beautiful? If you like our ideas, please let us bring your dream wedding to life. Contact us today for all your Ice luge NYC needs. We promise to give you the best quotes in the whole of New York City.