Surprise, and Amaze Your Corporate Event Attendees with Ice Sculptures

Surprise, and Amaze Your Corporate Event Attendees with Ice Sculptures

Are you launching a product anytime soon? Are you hosting a marketing event or any other important corporate event? If you are, Ice Sculptures in NY are awe-inspiring additions that you should not leave out. They are stunning and outright landmarks. And because an ice sculpture can last for up to 12 hours (at least 8 hours in warm locations), you are guaranteed that your sculpture will inspire guests for the entire length of your corporate event. Here are 3 ways through which you can surprise, wow, and amaze your corporate event attendees with ice sculptures:

  1. Branded Ice Sculptures

It is possible to carve your company logo on an ice sculpture. If you want to create brand awareness for your new company or products, there isn’t a better way of putting the message across than adding an ice sculpture to your marketing event. You can choose to sponsor an event such as a music concert in order to attract youthful potential clients and then erect a stunning ice sculpture right behind the stage. All attendees will not be able to resist reading the messages you will have carved on the sculpture. Ice has a unique way of creating memorable impacts on events.

  • Ice Luges

Still on the marketing event, you will send a powerful statement to your target customers if you put up a stand on the sidelines of the main event (music concert in our case), and then have a drinks and vodka ice luge. Surprise the attendees with chilled vodka shots- or any drink of their choice.

Ice is the perfect ice-breaker for any event; the unique talking point that any kind of corporate event can leverage. Go ahead and light the luge from underneath in order to display unique messages and to add color to the luge. Youthful attendees, in particular, will get emotionally attached to your brand after drinking vodka shots that are beautifully chilled by a crystal clear ice luge.

  • Ice Table Centers

Ice sculptures can create anything imaginable. You can choose to make your tables special using branded ice tablets, using ice vodka holders, or any other ice idea that comes to mind. Assuming that you are holding an awards event for the exemplary employees of the year, your ice table centers will look great when illuminated by crystal clear ice sculptures in NY. Just remember to include a base that is perfectly shaped to collect ice water as it melts.

Are you looking for a special way of making your corporate event a success? Our expert ice artists have the creative vision that will surely align with your brand image. We also boast of unmatched technical expertise that will give you endless and breathtaking corporate event possibilities. Let us help you bring your ideas and inspiration to life with our amazing ice sculptures in NY