Romance this New Year’s Eve: Say It with Dry Ice

Romance this New Year’s Eve: Say It with Dry Ice

To many people, ice sculptures are only applicable in restaurants and bars. Nothing could be further from the truth. These unique ice carvings can be used in any party to create a chilled way of presenting drinks. In fact, you should try incorporating one in your next romantic event; probably make your New Year’s Eve romantic and special for your spouse. There isn’t a better way of proposing to your significant other or expressing your love feelings than presenting your message expertly carved into a custom ice luge, then drinking your favorite beverages from the same luge.

Nuptial Masterpiece Ice Luges

After marking your wedding anniversary earlier this year, a moment of nuptial bliss this New Year’s Eve would be a proper icing on the cake. Just order a personalized nuptial ice masterpiece and invite a few close friends to your home and let them know how much you treasure your significant other. The happy couple and the guests alike will have the time of their lives taking selfies with the luge in the background. The guests will be wowed and your lover will get an everlasting impression of how valued he or she is going into the New Year.

Ice Bars

To excite your lover even more on New Year’s Eve, order a large scale ice sculpture and use it as a bar for your nuptial party. If you are planning on proposing on the night, book a spacious venue and let your guests be served champagne on ice. Your special custom ice luge in this case can bear the question “Will you marry me?” and just as she/he is about to drink from it, drop to one knee and utter the magical words. Just ensure that she/he is the first person to drink from the luge.

Romantic Fog

If he/she doesn’t want a big nuptial party, you can still have romance all wrapped up in a hotel room or at home, all thanks to the romantic fog. Just order a smoking champagne ice bucket kit and celebrate the New Year with your lover by sharing a dazzling bottle of champagne or wine served from the bucket. The bucket produces a fog effect that will make the night even more special.

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