Hosting a New Year’s Eve Party? Use Dry Ice for Fun and Flair in Your Drinks

Hosting a New Year’s Eve Party? Use Dry Ice for Fun and Flair in Your Drinks

It is the season of Christmas and New Year celebrations- the perfect time to spend your nights outside and party with friends and family. It is that time of the year when enjoying nights of great foods and festive drinks is the most appropriate thing to do. And because there isn’t a fresher way to toast in the New Year than with an ice-cold cocktail, it is appropriate that you start ordering dry ice delivery in NYC early enough.  That vodka, bourbon, gin, or champagne will definitely taste better after dipping it in dry ice.

So, are you hosting a party this New Year’s Eve? Here is how you can use dry ice in your drinks for extra fun and flair

Ice Pops for the New Year!

Toast champagne, rum punch or piña coladas in frozen form this New Year’s Eve for a memorable night. Ice pops are contemporary, so you will have a different take on the traditional cocktail. Go ahead and toast with some dessert as well. What a way to raise a glass for the new decade!

Cocktails with a Flair for the Dramatic

New Year’s Eve, the last hours of this decade, isn’t an ordinary night. You need to drink with a touch of drama. Add some mystery to those cocktail shots by using dry ice to give your cocktail a chilly temperature without ruining its flavor. Change the presentation of your drinks by making them feel exotic and dry-ice classy.

Get the Kids Excited

The cocktails aren’t for the kids. So, how do you get them excited this New Year’s Eve? Well, from the dry ice delivery NYC you order, spare a few pounds for inflatable baloons.

All you need to do is seal tiny pieces of dry ice in balloons and, when the dry ice sublimates to carbon dioxide gas, the balloons will fill up. Kids will love that.

Perfect For Smokey Cocktails

Dry ice is perfect for smokey cocktails. It is a festive addition to the already festive season, so you can bet that your guests will be excited to usher in the new decade at your party. It creates a distinct fog and bubble to the drinks, making them distinctly fun and exciting.

You will never lack New Year’s Eve options with dry ice. If you wish to to create a fun and mysterious mood on the night, go ahead and make your dry ice delivery NYC orders and you won’t regret. If you are searching for a reliable dry ice or ice luge supplier for your New Year party, our dry ice delivery company is here to serve you. Please contact us today.

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