5 At-Home Uses Of Dry Ice You Didn’t Know About

5 At-Home Uses Of Dry Ice You Didn’t Know About

Most people use dry ice to preserve food, fruits, and other perishable products both commercially and domestically. In shipping businesses, dry ice is used to package products that are supposed to remain cold or frozen at all times. But did you know that there are endless ways that you can use your next Dry Ice Delivery? Well, here are 5 of those:

Lures Mosquitos Away

Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide gas (CO2. Mosquitoes associate CO2 gas smell with food, particularly because they feed on people’s blood. Simply put, these little suckers depend on the CO2 smell from the gases we exhale to find where people are gathered. If you wish to lure them away from people, just create a decoy using dry ice. A 10-pound slab of dry ice will attract all mosquitoes and allow you to sleep soundly.

Accelerated Plant Growth

Are your house plants taking forever to grow? Here is the solution: Place a Dry Ice Delivery request today and allow the ice to sublimate near the plants. After a month of 10-15 minutes daily sublimation, you surely will start to notice significant changes. Ensure that your house is well ventilated before placing dry ice indoors.

Stops Moths From Ruining Your Clothes

Instead of hiring a professional fumigation service to eliminate clothes moths, why not try the cheaper DIY method that involves plastic bags and dry ice? Just place the infested clothes in a plastic bag, throw in a slab of dry ice (about 5-10 pounds), and let the magic happen. 30 minutes should be enough for the sublimating CO2 to kill all the moths, larvae, and eggs. To prevent pressure build up in the bag, be sure to leave a small opening through which the gas can escape.

 Remove Car Dents

If your car has a minor dent (where the sheet metal is unbent), you don’t need to hire a professional mechanic to fix it for you as long as you have dry ice. Simply warm the dent up using a blow drier, place some dry ice over the dent, and then leave it there for a few minutes. Dry ice cools rapidly and forces the dented part to pop back to shape. Don’t use too much ice as that would cause the car paint to scratch.

Bed Bug Removal

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has banned most bed bug control chemicals, and the few that are not yet banned are highly restricted. That’s without forgetting that professional bed bug control services can be unnecessarily pricey. Don’t panic just yet, though. If you are struggling with bed bugs in your home, order some dry ice and allow it to sublimate in the house. The resulting CO2 gas will suffocate them all. While at it, remember to follow all the safety dry ice handling precautions.

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