How to Make Your Next Halloween Party Legendary Using Dry Ice

How to Make Your Next Halloween Party Legendary Using Dry Ice

Dry ice is a must-have commodity for any successful Halloween party, mostly due to its unmatched spooky effect.

But did you know that with a little more creativity, you can use dry ice to make the next Halloween the most memorable party ever? Here’s How:

Using A Dry Ice Punchbowl 

If you are wondering how you’ll make your next Halloween party legendary, then what you probably need is the dense, creepy smoke of dry ice in your nesting bowls. When water is added to dry ice- which is basically frozen carbon dioxide gas at -110 degrees F- it sublimes to a dense fog instead of melting to liquid state.

That is exactly what you need to make a festive punch bowl this October. To make this punchbowl, you will need some crushed ice, one small and one big plastic punch bowl, some warm water, and the necessary safety handling equipment. You will then put your crushed ice in the bigger bowl, place the smaller bowl inside the bigger one, pour your punch carefully into the smaller bowl, and then pour some warm water into the dry ice in the smaller bowl.  

Keep repeating this procedure every time the fog subsides.  

Create the Spooky Halloween Jack-O-Lantern 

Bring the Halloween spirit to life with spooky Halloween Jack-O-Lantern all around your home. All you need is a pumpkin with a friendly or a frightening face carved on one of its sides, a glass, some hot water, salt, and dry ice.   

Make that the pumpkin is completely cleaned out, has well-carved eyes and mouth, and is big enough for the glass to stand upright in it. Now half-fill the glass with hot water, add a few teaspoons of salt, add a few pieces of the dry ice, cover the glass with the pumpkin, and wait for the magic to unfold. You will need like 20 pounds of dry ice to make a 1-hour of Spooky Jack-O-Lantern effect.  

Halloween bubble fog  

There isn’t a better way of making your kids interested in this Halloween festivities than to include a Halloween bubble fog in your plans. This fun and highly exciting display is achievable thanks to the magic of dry ice.   

All you need for this is an empty water bottle, some kitchen soap, and some rubber hosing. Together with your kids, add dry ice together with the soap into the bottle and then watch as the magic happens.

Just be sure to wear protective gloves and to keep a close eye on the kids. And to complete the festive energy that the Halloween bubble fog will bring, choose the perfect costume to match. 

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