Converting an ice sculpture into an ice luge and then drinking from it is by far the most thrilling activity you can ever incorporate into your party. Doing this is simple, really, because all you need to do is drill a hole through the sculpture, pour your beverage from the top, and then drink from the other side of the hole. Another way would be to attach a slanted piece of solid dry ice NYC to an ice sculpture so that when you pour your drink at the top, the slanted channel carries it down the sculpture.

Which Drinks Can You Use With Luges?

Any alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink will work perfectly well, but most people prefer vodka and tequila ice luges. If you are into other drinks, maybe Sambuca or absinthe, you will still have fun drinking them from a luge. However, fizzy drinks don’t produce the best results because of their tendency of getting all fizzy and bubbly. Such drinks include beer and champagne. Only use them if you don’t have alternatives, but be prepared to deal with excessive bubbles popping all over your nose as you drinking from the luge.

Common Uses of Ice Luges

  1. Romantic Events

If you want to take a departure from the traditional wedding cakes, you can try a cake luge that’s made from dry ice NYC. Instead of cutting a cake in this case, you will share your favorite drink together as a couple through the luge cake. You can spice things even more by ordering a heart-shaped sculpture and making an ice luge out of it.

Another popular ice luge choice for a romantic event is to order a sculpture that’s carved in the shape of your favorite bird, say a peacock, and then pouring drinks through its head and drinking from its tail. Ice luges give you endless exciting choices for sharing your love.

  • Birthday events.

When you want to celebrate your birthday in style, you can order a luge that’s custom-made for that particular event. It can be a huge signage showing your new age or a car luge shaped like your favorite car model.

  • Office parties

Are you planning an office party- e.g. a Christmas office party- for your employees? Let everyone have a shot of ice cold vodka or baileys from an ice luge carved in the shape of your company’s head offices. Everything will go down unbelievably well!

  • Public events

A cold drink sounds really good for a public event in which participants are expected to get psyched up. Ice luges bring every event to life.

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