5 Cool Party Ideas With Ice Sculptures

5 Cool Party Ideas With Ice Sculptures

A good ice sculpture can turn an average party into a masterpiece. Well, because guests and party enthusiasts love ice as much as they love a good, chilly drink. But should your creativity with ice stop with a simple, basic sculpture? Absolutely not! Ice sculptures can be as celebratory as they are decorative.

 You can have ice professionally set up as the unique décor that accentuates your party’s theme, whether corporate or private. For example, an experienced ice artist can make personalized plates, buckets, or even a lemonade stand using ice. You can also have a message carved out in a large ice sculpture, telling your guests what your party is about.

 So, let’s use these 5 creative ice ideas to transform your party into the exuberant festivity that will set a benchmark for all your guests’ future parties.

A City Skyline

 Everyone agrees that skylines are beautiful, especially when viewed from the rooftop of an architecturally stunning city building. Having your wedding party at a rooftop in NYC, for example, will allow your guests to have the best views of the city. Now imagine having an ice sculpture carved into the shape of one of New York’s iconic skyscrapers, say, The Empire State Building. It would be amazing to use a replica of your favorite skyline as your party’s raw bar.

Lemonade stand made of ice

 A lemonade stand will make any birthday party special. It gives party-goers a perfect photo opportunity and helps you set the theme and mood of the party. And what is better than a cold lemonade drink on a hot summer’s day? Now imagine having a lemonade stand made entirely of ice. You can even add a few glistening ice baskets to display lemons as well as to keep them fresh and cool.

Chic Cocktail Cooler

 Enough of the traditional cocktail shaker! Try installing an ice slide weaving as your cocktail cooler for your next cocktail party. Guests will be pouring drinks at the top of the ice sculpture and then collecting it in a cocktail glass at the bottom. It never gets cooler or more gorgeous than that, does it?

Sleek Ice Trays

Instead of serving sushi rolls on a metal tray, why not serve them on something “cooler” like a sleek ice tray? Guests will be thrilled by the idea of eating finger sandwiches straight from a tray made of ice.

Frozen Ice Signage

 Maybe your company is celebrating its 20th anniversary in business. There is no better way to spell out the milestone message than writing it on frozen ice signage.

 Are you looking for an ice company with the most qualified artisans to create magical ice sculptures for your party? Look no further! Our artisans are competent, passionate, and highly professional. It will be our pleasure to bring your party to life with our magnificent ice carvings.

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