5 Considerations To Make Before Ordering An Ice Sculpture For Your Party

5 Considerations To Make Before Ordering An Ice Sculpture For Your Party

When choosing an ice sculpture for your event, you need to ensure that its style fits the theme of that particular event.

Before ordering an ice sculpture for your party, here are 5 tips you should consider.

1. Ordering time

 To have your sculpture in good shape throughout the party, you should avoid ordering it too far ahead of time. However, placing your order too late might precipitate unnecessary inconveniences. So, how do you get the ordering date right? Well, by contacting your ice delivery company to come up with the most workable ordering and delivery dates.

A professional artisan will advise you on the perfect date and time that your sculpture should be delivered so that it doesn’t melt away in the middle of your event.


 How large or small do you want the sculpture to be? A professional artisan will create whichever size you wish for. If you need 25-foot tall signage or 30-foot wide lemonade ice stand, order exactly that. Do not limit your imagination. Remember that a small ice sculpture may not bring the right vibe to the party especially when the guests are many.

3. Venue

Will the party be indoors or outdoors? If it will be outdoors, you need to consider the weather conditions in your location at that time of the year. Inform your ice delivery company about your intentions to hold the party outdoor so that you can be advised on how to prevent it from melting fast.

4. Color

Although ice sculptures NYC are made from crystal clear ice, it is not impossible to make yours a little more colorful. If, for example, you want some text or images engraved in your sculpture, be sure to point that out when placing your order. If you want the sculpture to reflect multiple lights, its lighted display tray can be tinted in such a way that it appears to illuminate lights of different colors. Again, don’t limit your imaginations.

5. Your budget

A full-size ice sculpture can vary depending on the tax requirements in your area, discounts given, and attached delivery costs. The smaller and lesser complicated the shape of the sculpture is, the lower the price. Having a budget, therefore, will help you know the right size and quality to order.

Have you ordered an ice sculpture NYC for your upcoming party? We invite you to order with us. All our past customers are extremely happy with our customer service at every step of the ordering and delivery process. We guarantee that your ice sculpture will be more perfect than what you have in mind.

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