Ice Luges

Ice Luges

If you need a stunning centerpiece for your big night or day of fun- be it a stylish Bar Mitzvah, a corporate event, or a luxurious wedding, ice luges have got you covered.

They are highly versatile and can be created to fit any unique purpose depending on your requirements and preferences. There are also tons of ice luge design choices that are customizable: Whether you are an extravagant or a simple person, whether your style is modern or abstract, you will always find an ice luge design that works perfectly for you. What’s more, ice luges allow you to party in style, break the ice, but still not break the bank.

Ice luges bring to your party a special, organic appeal that breeds excitement to everyone present. The fascination that you get after pouring your favorite beverage through ice and getting an instant chill is not only luxurious and fun but also magical.

And because it is the dream of every party goer to drink from ice luges, your party will be both memorable and fulfilling- the ice luge will undoubtedly become the irresistible center of attention. On your part, you will be smiling constantly at the thought of the fun your guests had even after the party is long gone.

That being said, how do you add that extra personalization, extra touch of elegance to your party using ice luges? Here are some ice luge design ideas for you:

  • Ghost face, owl face, or bat face designs for your Halloween party. If you wish to be a little more extra, then a Halloween tombstone, a Halloween trick or treat, or a Halloween skull would be great designs.

  • For your Christmas party, you can design your ice luge in the shape of a Christmas tree. An ice luge curved in the shape of the next New Year, say 2020, would also excite your guests at a Christmas event.

  • If you are a sports person, then an ice luge formed in the shape of a tennis racket, football, or your favorite player would be great.

We are determined to make your party one to remember by providing you with our completely customizable ice luges NYC. Whether you want ice luges for your house party, bar, or wedding reception, we guarantee you utmost satisfaction with our services. Whenever you need us, we are always happy to help you in creating the best possible ice luges that will spice up your event.

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