5 Ice Sculpture Ideas You Can Use At Your Next Event

5 Ice Sculpture Ideas You Can Use At Your Next Event

From a frozen block of crystal-clear ice, out comes a stunning, stylish, functional and/or decorative ice sculpture for the most memorable event for you and your guests.

Ice sculptures are naturally fleeting, making them ideal décor options for your finest formal events. But that is not to imply that you cannot use these sculptures to add an element of extravagance, uniqueness, and sophistication to your informal parties: Birthdays, Valentine’s, wedding, you name it!

With the right design, a decorative ice sculpture can last an entire night, meaning that you and your guests will be treated to a night of crystal designs and electrifying color.

In case you are wondering how ice sculptures are relevant to your party, this post is for you. Read on to discover 5 perfect ways you can add a touch of elegance to your next high-profile event…

  1. Decorative ice bars

A block of clear ice can be expertly carved into a bar that your guests use to keep their drinks cold. The bar top in this case will be chilly all through and, depending on its size, it can hold multiple bottles of whichever drinks your guests will be enjoying. The greatest thing is that the bar top can be customized in as many designs as you want.

  • Temporary peek-a-boo windows

In this era of Instagram and social media, you need a perfect “instagrammable” place to take party photos from. You can use ice to make a large frame with a peek-a-boo window where guests pose for photos at the center.

  • Romantic statues

You can choose to have a love ice sculpture for your engagement or wedding party. With flowers on the side, you can rest assured that your partner will be knocked off his/her feet by such an utter display of elegance.

  • Serving items

From serving trays to serving bowls, ice buckets to punch bowls, you can make your wedding or birthday party unforgettable by using ice ware to serve cold beverages. This means that your white wine or champagne will not only be cold at all times, but also appear contemporary and very elegant.

  • Twin swans

Two large ice swans facing each other in the hallway, their long necks forming a love sign, is the perfect way to greet guests as they enter the hall.

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