Steps for Making a Party Ice Luge

Steps for Making a Party Ice Luge

A party ice luge is the easiest and fastest way to add fun and excitement to your party, all while letting your visitors enjoy an ice cold shot that brings an adventure-like feeling.

Although ice luge kits whose cost range from $20 to $200 based on size and quality are available online, you can also create one yourself by freezing the ice briefly and carving one or two alcohol pathways.

But what exactly is a party ice luge?

Also called a shot ice luge, a party ice luge is a kind of ice sculpture creatively crafted from a huge block of ice that features a thin channel cut up through where liquor products are poured. A shot is poured from the top of the luge and doled out at the bottom of the ice luge directly into the mouth of the imbiber.

What makes an ice luge important?

The role of an ice luge isn’t just limited to making shots colder. It also adds a whole new dimension of fun to them and spurs great conversations. What’s more, it is an excellent social mixer.

How to create a party ice luge

  1. Create a block of ice

Look for a plastic storage container that will go into your freezer and fit well. You can slant your container along the length in your freezer to allow your ice to freeze at between 75 and 90 degree angle. Alternatively, you can purchase slabs of ice from online stores or dealers.

  • Chisel out your chutes

With your chunk of ice now ready, chisel out a chute or two with the help of a knife, screwdriver, or hammer. Widen the chute at the top to create a funnel for easy pouring in of the shot. To give the alcohol sufficient time to cool as it journeys to your mouth, ensure the chute bends around in “S” shapes. Pour some water through your chute to streamline your pathways and get rid of any misbehaving chunks.

  • Set up your luge

If you didn’t slant your ice luge while freezing it, you’ll need to position it such that it is slated at an angle throughout the party. You can support it with a sturdy box or put it on a slanted or wedged surface. Put a towel below the luge to trap missed shots and sopping water.

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