3 Interesting Uses of Dry Ice in Your Restaurant

3 Interesting Uses of Dry Ice in Your Restaurant

There is no denying that dry ice is among the most incredibly useful tools for any restaurant owner or manager when it comes to the kitchen.

But just in case you are yet to realize the benefits of bagged ice, here are 3 practical ways of using dry ice at your restaurant’s kitchen to preserve and protect your food as well as to make your menu special and more interesting.   

1.It’s A Lifesaver During a Blackout 

One of the most dreadful situations for a restaurant owner is when the power goes out and you lose your entire inventory of perishable foods. It gets worse when you have emergency cookouts in the middle of summer and then a power outage or a technical problem with your portable cooler precipitates terrible loses.

With dry ice, you will be able to keep all your perishable foods or cookouts safe until you figure out how to fix the power/cooler problem.  

2. Cooking Seafood  

Did you know that you can cook some food items, particularly seafood, by placing them on dry ice? Well, because dry ice is very cold (with an average temperature of -109.3 degrees Fahrenheit), it can evenly sear sea meat and make it safe for human consumption. The next time you get your crushed ice delivery, try making sushi with it and surprise your diners by doing it as they watch in amazement. 

3.Carrying scent – A culinary fog 

Dry ice produces a beautiful fog that you can leverage to serve your diners clouds of aromatic smoke. All you need to do is choose an aroma, make a strong but low-temperature infusion of it in a serving vessel or a glass, and then just when you are about to take it out to a customer, drop a small piece of dry ice in and cover it nicely. A sweet aroma will welcome the diner once he/she removes the cover.   

You can serve the culinary fog with hot chocolate, pudding, and literally any serving of your choice.

While at it, however, be sure to have enough ventilation in both the kitchen and dining areas to avoid carbon dioxide intoxication. 

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