Delicious Ways to Use Dry Ice This Summer

Delicious Ways to Use Dry Ice This Summer

If you regularly use dry ice for commercial or domestic purposes- or if you have been visiting this site often- then you understand how precious a commodity dry ice is. And now that summer is here, it is important that you start thinking of your dry ice delivery; stock up enough dry ice in readiness for the steaming hot summer house and pool parties.

But in case your only idea of using dry ice is to scare the kids for Halloween, now would be the best time for you to explore the limitless potential of this nifty asset.

Here are 3 wonderful ways dry ice can upscale your ordinary summer into an unforgettably sweet season.   

Making Carbonated, Bubbly Dry Ice Ice Cream
Ice cream. It’s the signature family dessert for every summer. But did you know that dry ice can help you make your ice cream sweeter and much more refreshing? Well, it can. Because dry ice is colder than your home freezer, it freezes ice cream better and faster. It also makes ice cream bubbly when its carbon dioxide bubbles get trapped in it.

To make your bubbly dry ice – ice cream, all you need to do is shake some pre-crushed dry ice into a large bowl half-filled with ready-made ice cream, a little at a time, stirring consistently until the mixture is too hard for you to stir. When that’s done, allow the mixture to warm on its own until it softens again to the extent that you can stir it effortlessly. That is the sign that your dessert is ready for you to enjoy.  

If you don’t have ready-made ice cream but you have the skills and ingredients to make homemade ice cream, you still can make it bubbly by adding crushed dry ice to it.  

Making Carbonated Fizzy Fruits  
The tingly carbon dioxide bubbles in dry ice will also help you carbonate fruit and make it fizzy enough for adding to drinks, eating, or using it in cooking recipes. The fruit can be anything from strawberries, oranges, bananas, apples, to grapes: It all depends on fruit availability and your taste.  To pull this off, slice your preferred fruit into thin slices and place them on crushed small chunks of dry ice in a plastic bowl.

A plastic bowl is preferred over glass or metal bowls because your chances of getting frostbite when you hold it with your bare hands are minimal.    When that’s done, allow the dry ice to sublime into carbon dioxide as your fruit slices get carbonated, fizzy, and frozen. That should take about 10 minutes or so. An additional 10 minutes would be necessary to give the fruit enough time to warm, after which you can proceed to use it in your preferred way. 

Making Homemade Root Beer  
Summer holidays also come with big game nights, so you might need tons of homemade root beer. With dry ice and a sufficiently-ventilated room, you will easily make your root beer at home.  

To make 5 gallons of root beer, for example, you will need 2.5 gallons of cold water in a 5-gallon container. With that, add about 2 pounds of sugar and stir thoroughly until all of it is dissolved, after which you’ll pour in about 1 ounce of root beer concentrate.   

After that, add 2.5 pounds of crushed ice and then loosely close the container using a vented lid. The point of loosening the lid is to avoid possible container explosion that would happen if the bubbling beer is held in too tightly. You also wouldn’t want to leave the container fully open as the sublimating ice would escape in the form of carbon dioxide gas.    After all the dry ice sublimates, your root beer is ready to drink. 

Provided you follow all dry ice safe handling precautions, there are unlimited delicious ways to use dry ice this summer.   

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