5 Benefits of Buying Bagged Ice

5 Benefits of Buying Bagged Ice

Running a restaurant without enough ice-cold beverages or well-preserved foods can be disastrous. As a restaurant owner or manager, you must ensure that you stock up on dry ice on a regular basis to avoid ever running out of it.   If you are new in this business and are yet to see the benefits of having sufficient supply of ice, this article will explain 5 of the main reasons why you need ice delivery services for your restaurant.  

1.You get pure and clear ice  

Because dry ice is manufactured in a fully automated system- with zero human contact, there isn’t any possible cause of cross-contamination. That’s unlike putting tap water in a mold and leaving it in a freezer until it becomes ice, in which case the ice could get contaminated and thus unsafe to put in drinks.  And even with such an air-tight production system, expertly manufactured ice is still microbiologically tested to ensure that it is 100% pure, clear, and safe ice for your restaurant use.  

2.You can focus more on core activities

Insufficient supply of fresh ice can cause unimaginable crises in your restaurant; that is why you probably spend hours making countless trays of DIY ice. But making ice is a time-consuming task for a restaurant owner or manager like you. In fact, the quality of your management tasks deteriorates greatly when you start wasting time on non-core duties like making ice.   Instead of wasting your time, key resources, and skills making ice, it would be more convenient to buy bagged ice and shift all your focus on your primary business management responsibilities.  

3.You never run out of options 

Bagged ice comes in many different forms, shapes, and sizes, which helps you to satisfy the diverse customers’ cooling needs. Some customers like their ice cubed so that they can cool their beverages- particularly sodas- with minimal dilution. Most cocktail lovers, on the other hand, prefer round cubes over dice cubes.   Some customers will even request for crushed nuggets, not to put in their drinks or anything, but to chew. You also need crushed ice to chill fish and seafood as well as chunky flakes for long-term preservation.    Bottom line: You need as many ice varieties as possible to satisfy as many customers as possible. And because making ice varieties on your own would be tedious and expensive, you’d rather buy dry ice.  

4.You never have to worry about dealing with runny messes   

When you freeze tap water to make ice, it is likely to unfreeze back to room temperature after a while, creating a runny mess all over the place. Dry ice, on the other hand, melts away nicely when exposed to high temperatures, leaving little or no mess to be cleaned up.    Because your restaurant is a high-traffic public place, you can end up incurring huge expenses if someone slides and slumps into the unfrozen water.    

5.You are guaranteed of zero downtime 

If your freezer conks out on a busy day, how would you make snow cones or serve your beverages? Chances are that you would be forced to sit and watch as you incur huge losses. And if the downtime lasts for long, you may end up losing many regular customers to your competitor down the street.   With reliable ice delivery, however, you are guaranteed that your restaurant always remains in business.

Are you a restaurant owner searching for ice delivery services in NYC? Well, your search ends here. Our family-owned ice company is committed to delivering you the highest quality ice and to satisfy all your ice needs, no matter how big or diverse they are.   With 40 years in this business, you can surely trust our expertise in ice manufacturing and distribution. Give us a call today.

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