Dry Ice 101

Dry Ice 101

The first thing that comes in mind when we think of storing perishable products are ice packs and pounds of bagged ice stored in big plastic coolers.

Well, these ice bags can keep your perishable products cold, but they often end up being messy due to leakage. Using dry ice is the better option.

What is dry ice?
Dry Ice is the frozen form of carbon dioxide. Co2 has relatively lower freezing point compared to normal water, so it freezes faster at about 109.3 F. As dry ice is made up of carbon dioxide, when it starts melting, instead of getting into liquid forms like regular ice, it sublimes into carbon dioxide gas.

This is the reason why dry ice isn’t messy. For long distance shipping purposes, dry ice works the best. It helps the item to remain frozen and dry at the same time.    

How is dry ice made?
Dry ice is made from liquid carbon-dioxide. This liquid carbon dioxide is put in a high-pressure container and gradually its releases the Co2. This liquid carbon dioxide will slowly expand and evaporate at a high speed cooling the liquid Co2 to the freezing point until it solidifies. A good example of that is a fire extinguisher. If you compress the snow that comes out of the nozzle, it will convert into a block of solid dry ice.     

How to use dry ice? 
Dry ice can be used in various ways for various products out there. Generally, dry ice is used for shipping and preservation of food & beverages, construction and medical industries.
If you need to ship medical products or food items across the world, dry ice is the best way to freeze and preserve them for a long period of time. In the construction business, dry ice can be used to cool down concrete or asphalt and fabricating metal by shrinking liquid metal into a solid form if you have an immediate deadline. In the industrial business, you can use dry ice for cleaning the equipment without making it disassemble. This process is popularly known as dry ice blasting.     

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