Own A Restaurant? Keep Dry Ice Around

Own A Restaurant? Keep Dry Ice Around

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As a business owner, planning out the day to day operations is challenging enough. Add in the fires you have to put out, and managing the front and back end of the house keeps you on your toes.

In the kitchen, it’s really hard to tell what should be left out and when.
Still, there are a few must haves that you just can’t go without, among them is dry ice.

But what is dry ice in the first place?

Dry ice is basically frozen carbon dioxide collected during the industrial process, then recycled into what we refer to as dry ice. What makes dry ice a useful product is that it is extremely cold in its solid state, with temperatures that freeze up to -109°F , dry ice can be put into use in a variety of ways.

As a business owner, you need to always have your tools of the practice in place.

Here’s a few reasons why having a steady supply of dry ice around is always a good idea.

Great For Blackouts

Power outages can cause havoc if you don’t have a back-power supply for your freezer. The situation is even worse when you have a permanent power interruption.

Which is why partnering with an emergency ice delivery company proves quite useful. With a working dry ice supply network, you will replenish your supplies in time before things get off the rails.

Bacteria Free

Dry ice is known to inhibit the growth of bacteria, the dry ice cleaning process stops the growth of mold, spores and reduces contamination or other biological agents.

Dry ice helps to reduce the development of yeast and other bacteria responsible for food poisoning.

Keeps Food & Beverages Fresh

Dry ice is also used in preserving foods, if you are into using dry ice for food preservation, you will need to order special food grade dry ice. This is a type of dry ice used in transporting food and beverages.

Food grade dry ice is usually used in preserving ground meat and other foods in their dry states. Unlike water, dry ice leaves no traces of water behind. No moisture means that your food stays fresher.

Preserving Produce.

Most people tend to use freezers in preserving fresh garden produce. Using dry ice as an alternative preservation method can help you retain the taste of fresh food supplies.

Instead of placing the produce directly into the freezer, first freeze them with dry ice. This way, you will retain the original taste even after the foods are thawed out later.

About Our Company

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Whether you need a cube in your cup or a luge at your party, we do it all. Our services include dry ice deliveries, crushed ice delivery and emergency ice deliveries.